Eric Bagdonas


Company: Stumptown Printers

Profile: Eric Bagdonas is a co-founder/co-owner of Stumptown Printers. Beginning with independent publishing projects, he has worked in the print industry since the early 90s, and has maintained an interest in analog art, print design, and printing history. He has taught workshops at the Independent Publishing Resource Center and Oregon College of Art & Craft.  

In addition to print work, Eric and the other co-owners of Stumptown Printers are invested in Portland’s independent music, art, and bicycle transportation communities. They have ongoing involvement in events and organizations related to these interests, including the Portland Old Time Music Gathering and the C.C. Stern Type Foundry. 

Stumptown Printers was founded in 1999 in Portland, Oregon, and is regarded as an early leader of the current American craft printing renaissance. Known for unique media and music packaging designs, custom letterpress and offset printed cards, posters, and other paper goods, the distinct work of Stumptown Printers has been referred to as the “look and feel of Portland.”