Fumiko Hozumi and Jason Duffany


Company: Obon

Profile: Based in Portland, Oregon, Obon is a two-person company, comprised of Fumiko Hozumi, a native Japanese woman & Jason Duffany, her US-born husband. Both are obsessed with delicious, high-quality food, but while Fumiko likes to recreate favorite recipes from her upbringing, Jason improvises with local ingredients & incorporates elements of flavor from other cultures. Throughout all their dishes there are elements of Thai, Indian, Mediterranean & Cajun cooking.

Obon was birthed in 2014 to provide an alternative to the fast food culture that dominates our society’s culinary landscape. They use as many locally grown ingredients as possible, try to use organically grown foods & make sure they’re at least free of genetically modified organisms. Obon’s main endeavor is to feed people delicious, healthy, sustainably grown food at an affordable price.

In addition to catering private events, they can be found hosting popup dinners at various bars & cafes around town. Every Wednesday they sell hot food at People’s Food Co-Op’s Farmers’ Market & at Hillsdale Farmers’ Market on Sundays. Another product that they sell around town is Rice Crisps: Crunchy, flavorful snacks made from sprouted brown rice & deep fried in coconut oil.