Ezra Cimino-Hurt

Portfolio: https://caseofbass.com/

Profile: Born in Middle Tennessee, Ezra has traveled all over the US and found his home in Portland, OR in 2002. He has been a creative soul and maker of things his whole life, but has specialized in Carpentry, Audio, and Film. Ezra started a company called Case of Bass in 2012, custom building unique artistic sound-systems/boomboxes for the masses and fell in love with the creative process of making something from your imagination and sharing it with the world. The evolution of the business has allowed him to work with many fabrication materials, processes, finishes, with imagination being the bounds. He has a strong dimensional vision and takes design from the most vague descriptors to actualized concepts with excitement and zeal.

The process of creating something from nothing excites him every day. The development of the Case of Bass brand has been equally thrilling and challenging, making it spread to almost every continent with customer loyalty and pride. Growing to a national, scalable brand is on the horizon, but he will always find his strengths in making the special, one-of-a kind creation that tells a story while making you smile.